A couple of things

I believe in giving good feedback, so I wanted to leave my thoughts.

I ordered 2 bags of Black last year, and drank them on and off.

Salted Caramel – is amazing

Banana – Good and I like it, the flavor is faint, but good.

Once I started back to the gym, I finished the bags, I find the HULE is perfect as a meal to break my fast after my workout, I love the Macro mix on the black, and that I am getting a good mix on micro nutrients.

My only complaint is with the flax seed, I am sensitive to fiber, and they literally chafe my behind. It is not horrible, and will not keep me from ordering more.

In fact, I set up a subscription, and have the salted caramel and strawberry this time, is it possible to change flavors with the subscription?

Also THANK YOU, for using stevia, it is the only sweetener I do not react badly to.

For me I like that the flavors are a bit muted, I prefer that to overly sweet, and fake flavors.

I wish there were Hot dishes that did not have Quinoa as I am a strange person who is allergic to it =(

All in all I love your products!


Appreciate the love and feedback! It is Hueligans like you that plant seeds for what we may or may not do in the future :two_hearts: