Stevia alternative for greens?

Hey folks — daily Huel Black consumer, great stuff. Recently started on the Greens. I like it, but it has been accompanied by new and truly abominable flatulence (which stopped when I missed a day.) I just noticed it uses stevia rather than the ordinary sugars in Black.

This also happened the first time I tried Black, but went away soon after, so I can’t be certain; I’m also fasting for Lent. That said, it’s not going away, and the timing with starting on Greens was precise.

Perhaps you could offer stevia as a “less sugar” option (or “sugared” as the alternative to the default stevian blend?)

FWIW, outside of fasts, I also use a protein powder which is sweetened with monkfruit extract, and while it does have a little bit of a funky taste, it doesn’t bother my gut.

Huel Black also uses stevia, there should be something else causing your issues.

I am really pleased that Greens has Stevia and not sugar or sucralose so please keep that as default. I would prefer unsweetened over either of those options, which would also eliminate any issues with sweetener and leave people free to sweeten themselves.

Monk fruit would be a nice alternative.

Hey Bodie, I’m sorry to hear that Daily Greens isn’t working for you - that sucks!

As others have said Black Edition also contains stevia, so I’m thinking that’s probably not the cause of your issues.

Do you have Daily Greens to break your fasts?

Hey Dan — good to know about the stevia! I usually start with Greens at 3pm and make two scoops of Black immediately thereafter, so technically yes, but it’s probably all mixed in the stomach within a few minutes. Things are starting to calm down a little, but still a bit of GI upset. It usually takes a few more hours afterwards to get rolling, so to speak. Skipping a couple of days also clearly correlated with a quiet spell. Maybe I’ll try laying off the greens for a bit and see whether it has an effect. It does seem to make me feel great otherwise, though.

Thanks for clarifying Bodie. Maybe you could try having a little bit of of something else as the first thing that you eat, something that you’re used to eating and see if that helps.