ADHD medication and Huel

Hey folks,

I am new to Huel. Last year I started on ADHD medication (Vyvanse) and basically was eating nothing, and the few I was eating was mostly junk food.

I am trying Huel, but I am concerned with the amount of Vitamin C.

Acid food or drinks, vitamin c, etc are known to make urine acidic and hence eliminate ADHD medication much much faster.
So I am wondering the effects of Huel on urine, is it making it more alkaline, acidic or is it neutral? Is anyone here taking ADHD medication and also using Huel? I would like to hear your experiences!

Thank you!

I started using Huel last week and I also take 40mg of Vyvanse. I haven’t noticed any issues with the medication. I have noticed feeling a bit more energetic with Huel. I’m also surprised at how full it makes me feel.

Heyo! We haven’t heard of Huel combated ADHD medication–you should be good to go!

That’s good to hear, I am wondering if somebody’s know how Huel affects pH in urine, I bet some folks have done tests on themselves, that would definitely confirm it.

That’s good to hear! Is it having the same duration for you?

So far I haven’t noticed any affect on the medication. But it’s cool you mentioned such a topic!!

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I’ve been mixing in a bit less than a 1/2 tsp of baking soda aka sodium bicarb (1x/day) because I’ve been reading things about pH and inflammation response and most recently about cancer metastasis.

I do know there is an extreme called alkalosis, so more is not always better (at the other extreme is acidosis, which I have spent 2 years building an advisor for doctors to treat DKA)

I guess I should get some test strips… probably should have established a baseline (ha! there’s a pun) but I haven’t been quite so scientific. shrug

18 year hospital pharmacist here.

I’ve been consuming Huel almost daily for a year. My annual Labs were done last week, including urinalysis. My urine pH was exactly 7.0, which is neutral and in the normal range.


I just looked up the manufacturer prescribing info on this med and it did not specifically mention vitamin C.

I know that very large doses (5 grams or more) can acidify urine and lead to kidney stones. But the amount of ascorbic acid in Huel is nowhere near that.

So I don’t think it will be an issue. The vitamin C in Huel I think is from the food itself, not added in. If you had a bowl of oatmeal with flaxseed sprinkled on top, you’d get the same amount of vitamin C.

Damn, now I’m hungry. I’m stuck at a store and don’t have my Huel and I’m writing about oatmeal and it’s making me hungry.

Thank you @Deron for sharing your urine pH. That’s good to know! I also bought some ph strips and I will check this week 3 times a day.

Regarding the medication, some documents from Shire Canada mention it, some others don’t.

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I’ve been thinking / wondering about if there is enough fiber in Huel to affect the absorption of any med. Fiber supplements warn not to take them with meds.

It’s very dependent on the med. Only a few will have absorption problems if taken with a fiber supplement. And most of the warnings are specific about concentrated fiber supplements, like Metamucil, not the natural fiber in a meal.

All of the fiber in Huel appears to come from the oats and flaxseed. There is no listed processed fiber additive.

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Hi @anon3193242, the fibre in Huel comes from the natural ingredients. You’ll have to consult your Doctor about your specific meds and the influence of fibre in your diet.