7 days of nothing but Huel (day 5)

We are on a 7 day journey of eating nothing but Huel. It’s been hard, especially day 4, but we are getting better at accepting our challenge. Last night we craved nothing but tacos and cheese. Today the cravings went down some. Instead of thinking about all the food we can’t eat; we just keep telling ourselves 2 more days and we are done.
I wouldn’t recommend this diet to anyone that likes food as much as we do, but it does keep you full. It really is your mind set. If we think about food, or watch other people eat food, we want to eat. If we stay busy, without thinking about pizza, it’s not as bad.
We are documenting the whole week and will have our update up on YouTube soon after we finish the challenge. So make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss it.


Seriously, even as a member of the Huel staff, I am very impressed that you were able to say no to pizza, cheese, AND tacos! You’re totally right that to go 100% Huel does require a certain mindset and it’s totally achievable, especially if you keep yourself busy as you said. As you know, most of our customers and the majority of our staff are not on 100% Huel. We usually have it for breakfast and lunch then save room for an epic dinner. Still super effective at controlling cravings and appetite, saves me loads of money on not grabbing unhealthy food on the go, and saves me time on not having to meal prep. :+1: It’s been fun following your 7 day Huel journey and I’m excited to see the final full video. Please link to it here once it’s ready!

Sorry for the delay, but here is our final conclusion video, as well as our 7 day diary compilation video.

7 Day Huel Challenge Final Conclusion

7 Day Huel Challenge Diaries


Wow, this is seriously so awesome, you guys! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! :clap:

Hello, I just had a quick question. We’ve been getting a lot of $10 off coupons from our videos. Is there any possible way we could combine all of our coupons to make a Huel purchase? Thanks!