40 Days of Huel Pre-Cruise - Day 3 - So far, so good!


Hi All! New Hueler here. Started 40 days of nothing but Huel on Friday in preparation for an upcoming cruise. (I know that probably sounds weird, but basically, I can live with my weight right now, but don’t want to gain, yet I also want to eat like a pig while I’m on this cruise so… I’m using Huel to lose weight before the cruise. I’ll eat whatever I want while I’m on the cruise, then probably re-incorporate Huel after I return.)

So far everything has gone pretty well - I actually like the taste of Huel more and more every time I drink it. Here’s a video of Day 1: https://youtu.be/y4GMVvW6b_A


Hey my friend! Congratulations on day three! I have been on Huel just 80% for a month now and I just want to give you a heads up about your plan. While you will look and feel fantastic. Your stomach it will shrink. I can’t consume even half of what I used to be able to at one sitting. Even at my favorite restaurants. I find I can only eat about a quarter of what was once a normal meal. If you do all Huel for 40 days (and that’s awesome ) make sure you bring some so you can cram in those nutriants and not get light headed. Have the most fun!!


Thanks for the advice. I was a little concerned about that - and I wish I had started a little sooner so I’d have more time to re-acclimate before the cruise, but alas it didn’t happen. That’s a great idea about bringing the Huel along - I’ll do it!


We would love to see pics of your Huel out on the open water with you, Neel! Congrats on embarking on this 40-day journey! Team Huel USA is rooting for you! :raised_hands:


Thanks! I should definitely be able to get some Huel-On-The-High-Seas pics. :grinning: I’m on day 7 right now and everything is going great. Haven’t weighed myself since day 1, but will do so on the morning of day 11. I’ll post a video update of that. Thanks again!


Quick Update - 5.6 pounds lost in the first 10 days! Everything is going amazingly well so far. The chocolate flavor pack has been a really nice addition. I just posted a video update if anyone’s interested: https://youtu.be/GuQjBNg847I


Another quick update - only lost 0.4 pounds in days 11-20 for a total weight loss of 6.0 pounds so far. The good news is that I’m half way there as far as the 40 days go! Here’s a video update for days 11-20: http://youtu.be/KE5lxRhN1Rc