3.0 chunks and probiotics

The new 3.0 unflavored is very very chunky.
It doesn’t break up as well as the previous version.
I used to be able to use a shaker cup without the fence.
Now with the fence, adding powder first, adding water first, water/powder/shake/morewater/shake, it’s still resulting in an unacceptable amount of chunks. Please fix this. (I’m guessing the new smoothing agent is the culprit idk)

Why add probiotics? The jury is out whether they are beneficial or occasionally harmful. It’s not even an incredibly popular or trendy thing anymore. Five years ago I would’ve understood diving in, but why now?
Let Huelers decide for themselves and have a separate product for them to alter their gut bacteria if they choose to do so.

Come on now.


Not sure if it will help but I’ve found filling the bottle half way, then adding the powder, closing the bottle and shaking it, then opening the bottle again and filling it the rest of the way and the re-shaking works best for me and seems to eliminate the clumping. Good luck.

It shouldn’t be at all Gabe and we are looking into the other reports of this on the forum. Just bare in mind this is a small sample of all Hueligans. There is no new smoothing agent there is some tapioca starch which creates a smoother texture and better flavour delivery.

Probiotics have been added for the possible benefits to gut health and aiding digestion issues. Probiotics and the gut microbiome is a growing area of research. 5 years ago may have been when the media buzz started but there were fewer studies than there are now.

I’m having the same trouble with clumping doing that in 1,2, and 3 stages of more water.
It’s gotta be the new additions meant to smooth the mouth feel. Surely it could be something else but I’d put my money on fixing the grainy texture that reminds you you’re eating food without the new clumping problem.

“### Smoother texture - sunflower lecithin and tapioca flour
Our product development team are continually looking for ways to further improve the texture of Huel Powder. Sunflower lecithin is a fantastic emulsifier by attracting both water and fat molecules to smooth textures and help prevent them from separating. Tapioca is a starch that’s derived from the roots of the cassava plant. It provides carbohydrate and helps to give a smoother, rounded mouthfeel to Huel Powder when mixed.”

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