28 meal subscription is TWO pouches, correct?

Hi everyone. I just received my first package and to my surprise it came with only ONE pouch. Now before you ask if I messed up ordering I received my starter kit which included a shirt, scoops, shaker, and handbook. You need to purchase the 28 meals or more to even get that, so I’m assuming I got a messup. Or is the other pouch supposed to come in another week or two? Or should I just have gotten two inside the package?

I recently ordered the same about 2 weeks ago and received 2 bags in the shipment with the extras.

28 meals is indeed 2 bags. Huel should not be shipping less than 2 bags at a time. Their site won’t let you order just one bag. So, yeah, they shorted you a bag.

Email support@huel.com and include your order number. Let them know you only got one bag.

BTW, @Bsting , how do you like it so far?

I made this post, sent them a “contact us” email, and replied to the one shipping email that said if I had delivery issues so I should be fine, thanks though was just making sure. Other than that stuff, I am drinking my first “meal” right now, and I really have to say wow. I really really thought it wasn’t going to taste that good at all but it’s actually really tasty. I just graduated college so while I’m trying to find a job I want to start not feeling like crap all the time and lose some weight as well without having to waste my time cooking and so far with this flavor I can definitely use it. Only problem will be the money issue for me unless I get a job pretty soon.

Also I made some Moka Pot coffee and added it to it and yum.