Would like my product or a refund

I made a purchase over a month ago, the $66.00 was taken from my account, but I have not received the products, and when I try the tracking information I get this message " Tracking Number: 9405511205483828329849SPAN


Status Not Available

The tracking number may be incorrect or the status update is not yet available. Please verify your tracking number and try again later.

Status Not Available"

I’ve tried contacting you all through Facebook, email with no response, and of course there isn’t a number. So, now I’m trying this… I would appreciate some way to get this issue resolved. Thanks!

Did you specifially use support@huel.com mail?

Yes I did, I’ve done everything that has been suggested by them and others.

HI there, Cara! You should have already received an email from me with your correct tracking number and an update on your package. Unfortunately, it was lost in transit several weeks ago and we are sending a new order right out to you.

Just something that will help in the future, USPS tracking numbers do not end in SPAN. This is added on when using certain browsers. So, if you ever see this again, take that off the tracking number and you will find your correct tracking information.

If you need anything else, feel free to reach out to us here or via email. :blush: