Wont let me change delivery frequency, skip next delivery or cancel subscription. Very fishy

Also there’s no cust ser number and no way to contact a real person about this.
I will be contacting my bank to prevent future transactions.

Hey Juan, happy to help you with this! If you have completed your account set-up, you should be able to do all of those things. Our subscription guide can walk you through how to do this. If you need any further assistance, I’ve sent you a private message to get some account information so I can look into this for you.

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facing the same issue here as well. I tried to readjust my subscription but I can’t. something is wrong with the website.

seems like the ad blocker I use, uorgin was the issue. after disabling on huel.com, I was able to edit my subscription.

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Glad you were able to edit your subscription! Sorry about the technical snafu you experienced. Let us know if you have any other questions!

This is INCREDIBLY frustrating. The adblocker does stop the page from loading, CONVENIENTLY it only stops you from canceling your order. It stops the page from loading even though it is not a pop-up.
Also, sometimes even with the adblocker disabled, you still can’t access the cleverly hidden “cancel subscription.” It is all designed this way I would guess. Super deceptive business practice. The rest of the website seems to work fine hmmm… intended? I would guess so.

Hey David. It looks like the subscription is cancelled. Wasn’t designed to be difficult in any way–but thanks for the feedback!