Winter is coming!

So we have our first snowfall in the forecast for the week. And some white walker sightings. I’m looking for suggestions on heating things up with my rocket fuel (aka Huel) @Julian-Huel come on man it’s a great slogan!!! :wink: Temps will be down in the single digits for me within the month or so. So iced smoothies are probably going to be on hold for a while.

I seem to recall we can’t use hot water as it degrades the nutritional value. I was thinking hot chocolate with marshmallows or something along those lines (Irish coffee flavor anyone anyone?)

Any suggestions for hot drinks?

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House Huel, in the long winter we must look out for one another. I would think as long as you don’t boil the Huel any warm drink would be ok.

when i’ve tried making it with hot chocolate (i know…), i’ve found it harder to drink when warm. also, if you’re shaking it up with a hot liquid, BE CAREFUL! things like to go boom when you shake em up and they’re already hot… (don’t ask me how to get huel off the ceiling, all i’ll say for the sake of my security deposit, is get it while it’s wet)

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Second this, learned the hard way. Approach the pressurized shaker with a napkin to avoid splatter lol.

Don’t try this…It did not go well. And that’s all I am going to say…

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You can definitely have a warm Huel on a winter’s day! Our friends at the UK headquarters tend to do that more often than us over here in sunny LA. I also echo the points about not using boiling water and not shaking it in your shaker. Would recommend blending or heating up after it’s been mixed.

I don’t have any personal recipes for a warm Huel, but we have a lot of great recipes here, including a couple soup options that could make a great winter meal option.