Why the price of Huel powder is changing with the launch of v3.0

Do you also know the alcohol content?

There is no alcohol in the new Huel Powders either.

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Hey everyone, I created an account specifically to reply to this post. I’m a long time Huel user and was a bit irked like lots of people about the addition of kombucha in the new formula, seeing as though kombucha is such a specialty and is very hit or miss with people’s digestion; it’s certainly not a nutritional source that I would describe as ‘for everyone’.

Anyway, I emailed Huel asking if the new v3.0 unsweetened and original powders contain any caffeine, and Alex from Huel confirmed that they DO contain caffeine as a result of the kombucha. This response was only last week so has something changed in the last few days? Has the caffeine been extracted from the kombucha before being powdered and put into the Huel? I don’t think it’s fair to say that the new Huel contains no caffeine just because it may be a small amount - some people may be especially sensitive to it or want to avoid it for religious reasons (I fall into the former category).

I think we need to clear this up, because if the new Huel v3.0 contains kombucha, then it should contain caffeine too, unless it is been specifically chemically extracted out. If the caffeine hasn’t purposely been removed, and your tests show that there is no caffeine in your Huel, then I have to question the quality of the kombucha in the new Huel :laughing:

New huel 3.0 is fantastic I just want to post it has caused no issues with my health condition whatsoever and I am into it
you rock Huel team :metal:

Hi there,

My wife has a histamine condition, I’m curious to know why you think Huel would help fix that?