Why the price of Huel powder is changing with the launch of v3.0


I’ve been a stoked consumer of Huel for some time. I didn’t fully understand the change to v1.1, but I rolled with it.

Unfortunately v3.0 has me buying a last bulk order of v1.1 while I research alternatives. The addition of probiotics and kombucha seems an unnecessary effort to either hop on the latest “buzz-nutrients” bandwagon or to stuff more “value adds” in the bag to justify a price increase.

As I’ve researched it, probiotic benefits are unique to each individual’s microbiome and likely not beneficial universally.

But that’s neither here nor there…

It’s the kombucha add that’s gonna kick me out of the Hueligans. Why not just let well enough alone? If folks wanna pop a proB supplement and chug a glass of brown water on the side of their daily Huel intake, that seems reasonable. Why ya gotta mash it all up into one?

If you need to increase price to cover revenue or profit shortfalls, that’s okay. But just do that, not cover it with “value adds” that don’t really add value.

Hopefully by the time I’ve gone through my 7 bags of v1.1 you’ll have received enough feedback to have either a non-tea option or will have bailed on the kombucha, but if not, thanks for the memories.

Sure have loved ya!



Cheers for the message, obviously gutted you feel that way because we’ve put a lot of thought into it. We want to move towards less reliance on our vitamin and mineral blend by choosing whole ingredients high in certain nutrients - kombucha (as well as kelp and acerola cherries) is just that. You won’t notice a change in taste as a result of these additions.

We’re not trying to cover with “value-adds”, we’ve chosen these ingredients because they add value. The price increase isn’t a result of these additions, the price would have increased regardless.

However, thank you for the feedback - we always listen and have made many changes to Huel products and the overall experience based on feedback from our forums.

I’ve been a happy Huel consumer for about a year and look forward to trying the new formulation. Thanks for continually improving it!


Can you provide the amino acid profile for chocolate 3.0?

I try to make sure that I take at least 2.5g of leucine with each huel shake, and chocolate is my favorite and has a bit less protein in it.

Is it safe to assume that chocolate 3.0 has ~ 29/30ths of the amino acids across the board? Or do its different ingredients skew more towards certain ones?

The profiles between flavors are almost identical.

I wouldn’t assume it’s 1g difference no. For labeling reasons we have to round to the nearest gram so the different between vanilla and chocolate is minimal so chocolate will also have around 2300mg of leucine per 100g.

I hope you make these changes to the RTD at some point.

So I assume this means the Original Vanilla will no longer be available as well? Is version 3.0 a different flavor profile than the new vanilla or is it the same?

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Thanks. This is what I really needed to see. So, it’s probably not going to be a significant amount of caffeine. I drink decaf and can do up to, like, 30 mg of caffeine per day with no problems. (I’ll also wait to see the specific numbers from your testing.)

And in terms of overall price increase, I can see the reasons why. One of them just being inflation. It’s been 4 years and so a small price increase is usually inevitable. Netflix does it every few years. My cable provider does. The cost of new phones have certainly risen over the last 4 years.

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I really think the amount of Kombucha (cam-boocha ??) they put in the new formula is pretty darn small. It’s near the end of the ingredients. It looks like 90 to 95% of the 3.0 formula is identical to 2.0. I honestly don’t think it’s gonna impact people much at all. I mean, if you already enjoy Huel 2.0, I would at least recommend trying one small shipment of it before researching something else. Not that I get any money from convincing people to stay with Huel, but it seems a rather small issue to leave the product over and try to find something else.

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Why did you add corn starch to the ingredients and not mention it? I am very concerned because I have intestine damage I have been struggling to heal for a long time and Huel v1.1 is the only nutrition source I can eat without dramatically hurting myself and the updates worry me that I will no longer have a safe source of nutrition anymore.



Given the reaction to kombucha, do we know/understand what purpose it is meant to serve?

For those on 100% Huel, they may not be getting the diversity of microbiome exposure that comes from the semi-random wilderness of food and food handling practices.

I would never keep it from being contaminated if I tried to make it myself and buying it in bottles is too expensive. I don’t really care much either way.

I am curious though what its purpose will be in Huel

@miked, this is from the link in the initial post:

  • Kombucha - again, a natural source of B vitamins.

I am concerned for @davidbearaiu and @Cataclysmm just due to the fact that you seem to have developed a dependency on Huel. I have to wonder how you survived prior to Heul being available? I don’t say that with any malicious intent so please don’t take it the wrong way, I have been dealing with serious health concerns over the past decade and while Huel helps to round out many of my needs I daresay it cannot be the only solution for you if you truly believe that it must be. Feel free to message me if you would like for me to share any of what I have found helpful in addition to Huel.

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Before Huel I was down to just plain rice and boiled chicken breast. Anything with dextrose, gluten, or any spice has me throwing up for hours. Peanut butter powder, almond milk, honey, and some vegetables are ok as long as their blender-ed…No tomatoes, no small seeds No animal fat, no cheese. Trust me, I want the new formula to be ok because I have little nutritional choice…Huel is working for me, Huel is keeping me from starving to death when everything else I eat makes me throw up for hours…

Oh no it will be less than 1mg per 100kcal, just looking to confirm the numbers.

It used to be maltodextrin but we replaced that with corn starch. It is in Huel in such a tiny tiny amount because it is a carrier for some of the vitamins andm minerals. Why do you think it would cause you harm David?

It’s a source of a natural B vitamins.

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Dude protein powders and eating food like oatmeal that still made the problem worse but no other better solution. My problem is small intestine bacterial overgrowth caused an enormous buildup of waste to be trapped in my small intestine and even though I have been receiving treatment for years any normal diet like oatmeal and healthy foods would react to the internal environment and make it even worse. So amazingly enough huel is completely stress free for me to eat and I have been taking it with a probiotic and drinking plenty of water.

I just have a bunch of waste stuck in my small intestine I have been trying to clean out for a long time and some ingredients can react with it and make it way worse. I feel better about this now thank you very much for your reply.


What’s the best way to ensure that our next order is v3.0? Is it enough to move the delivery to after December 18th?

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I’m excited to give it a try. Thank you for listening to all of us Huel customer responses to previous versions! Honestly the price increase isn’t a big deal and I understand the economics of it, all products go up in price over time with inflation. As for the flavor I will report back after my next order.

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Hey everyone, just here to confirm that there is no caffeine in the v3.0 Powders (except chocolate due to the cocoa powder).