When is v3.0 coming for US?

Does the price change coincide with shipping v3.0 in December?

“If you are currently subscribed to Huel Powder, and have an order being shipped on 18 December 2019 or later, this will be charged following the new pricing”

I would like to be able to order Huel V3.0 as soon as possible, if I have to wait until the 18th I may not receive it until the following week if not after Christmas. Any thoughts from the Huel team???

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Team HUEL: any response to this question?

When is v3.0 coming to US?


Sorry for missing this Kevin! You should still receive Huel v3.0 in time for Christmas if you order tomorrow.

How is the packaging? Will it have a new packaging with Huel v3.0 labels etc?

Yeap, there will be new labels for v3.0.

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