Trying to cancel subscription


I have been trying to contact twice now and no response. I need to cancel my subscription due to a newly diagnosed food allergy to oats. According to your website I should be able to do this myself but the link is conveniently not present under my account.

This has been a very poor experience.

Please advise on my cancellation request.

Hi Ethan, I see your subscription has been cancelled. Please let me know if there’s anything I can assist you with. Sorry to hear the current Huel formula doesn’t suit your dietary needs. :pensive:

Huel won’t even let you cancel your subscriptions online! LMAO how is this even possible? How could such a company be so deceptive? This is absolutely ridiculous. Is this like even legal?

David–you are able to cancel your own subscription online. Zero deception–some people just need assistance with this.

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