Delete Payment Method?

Please provide a way to delete old unused credit cards. Thank you.

To expound on this a bit:

In this day and age of online security awareness, I find it a bit incredulous that this type of functionality does not exist on the website. If I can’t delete them, then I’d like to be able to change the CC number to something invalid. Reason being, it is inevitable that the Huel databases will be breached at some point. That’s not a knock against whoever is managing the back-end systems, it’s just statistically true. Security on the Internet is hard and companies rarely put enough budget into it because security is not a revenue generator. At best, it could be considered a type of insurance.

The US website is what I am referring to. It’s possible the EU website already has this in part because of GDPR.

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You can delete unused credit cards providing they aren’t linked to your subscription. Sometimes when adding a new card, even after setting this as the default payment the old card could be linked to your subscription.

The only way for us to be able to identify why you’re unable to delete it, is to have a look at your subscription. If you can please get in touch with us at we can make sure this is done for you.

Our subscription system is the same for the US/EU/UK and the rest of world so the same functionality is possible across all regions.

Email reply sent. Thank you.