Whole Wheat Pasta?

I eat Huel Hot & Savory almost every workday (M-F). So far, I tend to favor the pasta-based varieties.

As a person with Type II diabetes, I’m particularly conscious of foods with a higher glycemic index. Overall carbs don’t concern me much, but if there isn’t sufficient fiber to counter the simpler carbohydrates it can be an issue. Of all the Hot & Savory varieties, the pastas have the lowest fiber content, sometimes even half the amount of other flavors.

Would Huel consider testing these with whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta? Was using whole wheat pasta ever considered?

Any thoughts?

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Following. I too am type 2 and never considered hot and savory because of the pasta carbs. Does H&S spike you at all? I could try the Mac and cheese or something. I’m interested in what Huel might say to your question.

Hi @BlairWh

We recently tested the GI of one of our pasta varieties (Mac & Cheeze) and the results showed that the GI is low (34).

Hi Edolecki,

I don’t actually routinely check my blood sugar (though I should), as my A1C is pretty well controlled. So I can’t definitively answer if the Huel pasta spikes my blood sugar. However, I can say that I tend to feel very lethargic and sleepy about an hour afterwards, which I attribute to a sugar spike.

Personally, I think I will continue with Huel H&S pastas, but I may need to up my fiber intake just beforehand to slow down digestion.

Hi James,

Thank you for the info. I’d be curious about the GI for the tomato-based pastas (Cajun and Bolognese). I suspect they may be considerably higher.

Even if Huel doesn’t consider the use of whole wheat pasta, it would still be nice if they upped the fiber content to bring the pastas inline with the other H&S flavors.

Hi @BlairWh - we only have the ability to GI test 2-3 products per year, so it’s unlikely these will be tested for some time. However, there’s no reason to suspect they would be higher: GI is affected by numerous factors; fiber content is just one: carbs, fat, protein, and how much water all influence.

The reason the grain-based H&S flavors are higher in fiber, is because the rice, quinoa, veg, and flaxseeds all contain more fibre than the other ingredients.

Hi James,

Actually, there is reason to believe the tomato-based pastas, especially the Bolognese would have a higher GI than the Mac & Cheez. The Bolognese has 10g of sugar per serving and just 5g of fiber, compared to 5g of sugar and 6g of fiber in the Mac & Cheez. That’s twice the sugar.

I understand that the whole grains have a higher fiber content than white pasta, I just wish Huel would compensate for that.

Hi @BlairWh - I can see where you’re coming from. My thoughts are, however, not to get too hung up on GI. I say this because, as above, there are multiple factors that influence it. But I get it, as you’re diabetic, you need to be cautious. :slightly_smiling_face:

When we have the capacity, we’ll look at testing one of the other flavors.