Huel Black mock oatmeal

I’m a type-2 diabetic and while steel-cut oatmeal is usually okay for most like me, I find it spikes me hard even if I preface it with protein. So I do Huel Black at times when I’m not having eggs etc. It’s great. Wondering if something could be added to HB to thicken it up and give it a hot oatmeal mouth feel. I miss the texture of oatmeal a lot. Might be a good Huel breakfast product if even were interested in it.

Type 2 here as well. I’ve heard that having fiber with carbs smooths out the sugar spike. I’ve not actively done this myself, but that is what the doctor and nutritionist advised. It would be interesting to try and see if it works this way with Huel. Curious…when do you test blood sugars? I usually test before the meal then 2 hours after when I’m actively monitoring for specifics.

Have you ever made quinoa?

I know making huel with much less water makes something gloppy (still yummy though)

I wonder if a loosely paste-like huel mixed with quinoa could make it a bit less sticky and also give some texture like the oatmeal you’re after.

I considered overcooked lentils too, but even with their high fiber they’re a lot of carbs - and their size probably wouldn’t mix as well as the smaller quinoa.

If I try this myself, I’ll post here. If you feel adventurous and get to it first, please share what you learn. :slight_smile:

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I use Libre 3 sensors so I get readings every minute. I check before and two hours after. I’ve never managed any type of oatmeal.