Huel Hot & Savory Black?

Hey Huel, I was wondering - any plans to introduce a more protein-focused version of hot & savory? I love having hot and savory for breakfast but I’ve recently reduced my carb intake, so while I’m now using Huel black, it would be great if hot & savory had a black option.

On a similar note - it would be really great if the pasta versions of hot and savory had a gluten-free pasta option, like chickpea or edamame pasta, or something similar. One benefit of those pastas is higher protein. I do love me some mac & cheeze :slight_smile:



I would totally dig a black edition H&S. Carbs make me hungry, which is why I do the black edition label. So reduced carbs would result in me staying fuller longer, and that would motivate me to buy it!

Hi @tich - Welcome to the forum! :hugs:

There are no current plans for a Black Edition (higher protein) version of Hot & Savory, but I will definitely pass the suggestion along, as well as the suggestion for gluten-free pastas! Are there any new flavors you’d like to see in terms of a higher protein, lower carb hot meal that we don’t offer in our Hot & Savory range currently?

I’m just curious… Which hot & savory flavor are you eating for breakfast?! :astonished:

I second the hot + savoury Black request!

Non-pasta versions of the current pasta flavours would be nice; more mushrooms; perhaps more specific-vegetable / vegetable-rich.

Or a quiet savoury base – perhaps bland like u/u.

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I’m a type-2 diabetic so lower carbs and higher protein would be welcome so I could enjoy it.

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