T2 diabetes diagnosis today

I’m sitting in the hospital with a t2 diagnosis. I’m wondering if Huel is diabetic-friendly for a meal or two a day? Looking to take work out of the food selection process.

If so, which? Since I’m on a phone I can’t search as well about it. I’d take it with water which is good enough for me. There is no pea protein, right? No big carbs or sugars?

Shakes. Can I do the hot and savory too?

Seems like Black Edition v3 in any flavor would be best? And maybe Hot and Savory is best too? Will pea protein spike sugar that’s in H&S?

Black is pea protein and real sugar
White is more oat and sucralose
I don’t know H&S at all

You just learned you have T2?
Seems like you’re going to be doing a lot of homework to relearn how food works. It’s difficult, but necessary.

I would recommend U/U (unflavored and unsweetened) that you can add skinny syrup (a yummy non-nutritive flavoring, sold for coffee but works well in Huel) or PB2 if you like peanut flavor or sugar-free jam (weird? Maybe, but experimentation is your main source of novelty for a while) I also suggest anything in your spice rack that adds flavor without glucose impact. Cinnamon, curry powder, pumpkin pie spice, jamaican allspice, whatever you got :slight_smile:

I hope others with experience of T2 and Huel share here too.

Good luck man
Know your numbers, life won’t have to be all dry salads - and it will get easier to manage.

I did read this which leads me to think that black would be okay for t2 diabetes?

I just showed Huel Black to a nurse and she checked it out. Based on carbs, etc. it would easily work for me as half of breakfast.

I’d have about 30g of carbs left - so small piece of fresh fruit, a slice of whole-wheat toast. Something like that.

Wasn’t concerned about the small amount of sugar.

I forget about breakfast because it was too difficult to do everyday.

Have you learned of Intermittent Fasting?

I started on IF after a fasting glucose of 99 was called “pre diabetic” and read that the 16 hours of no food might help to reset insulin sensitivity

That was my motivation, but tbh I’m so much happier not having to worry about breakfast.

It’s nice to be hungry for lunch (400 calories of Huel, an apple or somesuch - when I was in the office I was doing 600 calories of Huel without a snack)

Knowing I need to eat a proper dinner to sustain until noon tomorrow means I give that a bit more thought. Usually I’m too full to even want a dessert.

Your mileage may vary. If post-prandial glucose is harder to manage with fewer large meals you might prefer many smaller meals (which Huel makes very convenient too) spread throughout your day.