Where is my order

I have emailed the support email and used your contact page. My order has said pre shipment for 5 days now and no one is responding to my email inquires as you have no phone number for your customers to utilize. Also there was a promotion for a shaker and T-shirt if purchase was over a certain amount. Only the shirt was in the order at check out. Signed up for monthly deliveries but if this is what I can expect from CS I am going to cancel.

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Hey Pat. The RTD orders are taking a bit longer to ship than expected–we apologize for the troubles. Your label is created and processed so you will receive more info this week.

Our CS team is working our best to answer your emails. As you can imagine, we got a bit backed up in our queue due to this issue! Your RTD order will come with a shirt–they do not come with a shaker because the product doesn’t require one.

I’ll go ahead and close out your emails since we covered everything here. If you have anymore questions, you can DM me here or write in support.

Reading the other posts it seems the email contact option is not the best route to take. Even though it is the only option provided by you for communication. Everyone who posts their issue here publicly seems to get a response relatively quickly. Also all issues weren’t resolved because I still do not have an arrival date or a functional tracking number.

We’re here to help! The response time has been slower because of the holidays, but we are getting to everyone as quickly as possible. The tracking number provided is your tracking number available–it will update once there has been movement with it.

My experience with Huel so far has been:
Delayed shipment no notification and still no delivery date.
No response to multiple email inquires about delayed shipment of product or misleading promotion. Says T-shirt and shaker not T-shirt only when ordering more expensive ready to drink option because you don’t need a shaker.

Response on public forum with no updates or timelines “more information this week”.
Difficult to plan meals accordingly when no expected delivery date can be given.
Response on forum stating you’re closing out my email inquires because they were all addressed on form when they weren’t.

Backlogged or not a simple we are having issues but we are sorting them out our apologies more information to follow. I see this is your first experience with us don’t want it to suck and would like to keep your business here’s an offer.

Off to a rough start I want this not to suck because I think it could be beneficial for me. You are making it difficult to want to continue when there are alternatives.

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We apologize for the troubles! This isn’t the norm with us and we are using this feedback to improve experiences in the future.

I’ll keep an eye on your order and make sure it makes movement this week.

Again, failed to address anything in the post. I am one more unhelpful reply away from canceling my order and being done with Huel altogether.

I know delays suck. But from one Huel user (for 11 months), I’d advise just to stick it out a little more. The product has been a great meal for me at work. Very convenient and sound nutrition profile. I’ve used it in conjunction with other changes to make good changes to my health. And it’s something I feel I can continue for many years to come. I’ve become a life long Huel user.

No I don’t work for Huel. I’ve had a shipping issue in the past, and it took a few days to get it rectified. So it’s not all smooth. But overall, I’ve had consistent good service from Huel as a company.

Perhaps Huel should have delayed RTD release till mid January. But that’s behind us now. Onward we go.


Thank you for the information. To be clear I don’t mind delays, things happen. What I have an issue with is the lack of communication and poor/overwhelmed understaffed customer service. Going back through the forum delays and unanswered inquiries seem to be the norm for this which is a problem for me. I travel a lot and for the most part live out of hotels. This makes maintaining healthy eating habits difficult, not impossible but difficult and I am always looking for ways to be more efficient and make things more convenient. This sounds like an excellent alternative when living out of hotel mino fridge. Traveling all overall the time means I have limited windows for things to arrive at a hotel or my home. Not a huge deal because of the shelf life I can order in bulk and have on hand. The unresponsive unhelpful customer service is where my issue lies. When there is a problem I want to know that someone will get back to me with information and answers. That is not happening. Lastly the shaker thing, petty maybe, but the promotion says shaker and shirt no mention of not meriting a shaker when you buy their more expensive product. To me this is assainine on two levels, yes I do not need a shaker for your RTD option but I take other supplements and having your shaker is free advertising in the gym and everywhere else because I drink out of a shaker. Why would you not want that, and if it’s a huge deal for you to not include it with your RTD orders why would you not state that clearly? I want this product to be what I am hoping it is but the company is shooting itself in the foot with its terrible service. The majority of the crew I travel with are interested in this and were waiting for me to get mine to see if it was decent or not. 9 people isn’t a lot but it’s 9 people who have a handful of people each who are also interested and awaiting feedback. Losing 20-30 potential sales because of crappy customer service is bad for business. They need to fix it.

Hey Pat. My apologies for the troubles. I have answered your inquiries with the information that I have. Unfortunately, I don’t have a way to give you a specified tracking date until it’s updated by the delivery service. We have notified our shipping center so now we are just in the waiting period.

In regards to the shaker with RTD orders, the promotion is stated that you only receive a shirt with the first 24 bottles of RTD. You can review this here: https://huel.com/products/huel-ready-to-drink There is a photo reel towards the bottom of the page that shows this. I’ll send you a shaker so you can enjoy it with other products and perhaps Huel powder if you choose to go that route one day.

Again, we are here! We are trying our best to assist you. The order was placed on 1/3–and the tracking is taking a bit longer to update. Once I have the information, I’ll send it you to promptly.

Yeah, a product like Huel could really help you out.

I often don’t have time to get away for my dinner break when I want to finish my meals by 7 pm. Huel is a good option for me.

Just today the wife and I went to the outlet mall. I got up early and wasn’t ready for breakfast. And I knew the only food options were donuts or fast food. And the moment I smelled those big pretzels I’ll want one. So I made a dose of Huel and peanut butter in my blender, added ice cubes, and put in an insulated bottle. I left in the car and then when I was hungry I grabbed it and drank it. Cheaper and more nutritious than what the mall had to offer.

That looks to be an ad for the standard powder Huel and not the pre-mixed RTD (ready to drink) version. They are two different things. The scoop and shaker are needed for the powder but not the RTD.

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I know what the ad is now, it wasn’t so self explanatory initially and there was no response to email inquires. Regardless of wether or not you need the shaker for the RTD, it’s a more expensive product and the shaker used by the people who buy this is free advertising. Dumb not to include it with the purchase of the RTD.

I’m not saying you’re wrong but in my opinion it would make zero sense to include the shaker. The RTD bottles are labeled as well and the shaker would go to waste if you are only drinking RTD. Why would you want to dirty a shaker that you would then have to clean if you could just drink from the bottle it’s already in?

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As stated above, myself and lots of other people take other supplements. Protein powder, pre work out, bcaas, etc. all that require mixing, also I drink water out of my shaker while in the gym and pretty much everywhere else so I don’t have to carry a shaker and water bottles. Everywhere I go, the shaker goes…free advertising 24/7. Not going to waste.

@Undercoverbrother I do understand your point. I agree with you that the free advertising would seem to make it a great idea to include the free shaker for first time RTD buyers.

However, I would like to explain where Huel might be coming from in not including the shaker. Not everyone purchasing RTD shakes takes other supplements etc. as you do, so many of the shakers would go to waste or be thrown away. As a company Huel is concerned with trying to reduce waste and their impact on the environment as much as possible. That is why they are use recycled materials in their RTD bottles, and why they don’t include scoops in every bag of their powder (only first orders and as requested after that). It is also why they don’t offer other sizes of their powder, such as sample sizes or individual shake size bags for travelers etc.

It looks like they are sending you a shaker, so win-win in your case. I hope you like the RTD and consider trying the powder in the future, it really is one of the best products I have ever discovered and has changed my relationship with food/eating.


Yes after much back and forth, they relented and sent me a shaker. At this point the ass pain involved wasn’t worth it. I still do not have a delivery date for the product I ordered and customer service is still unreachable via email. Hoping they work through their logistical issues for future orders and hire more people to deal with customers. As the demand increases they need to grow and stay ahead of the game. Instead of being reactive they should have been notifying people about the delay and issues they are having vice burying their head in the sand. I am looking forward to receiving my order and giving this a shot…someday. Everyone has said even with the CS and logistical issues aside the product is worth it. Hoping that is the case.

Hi there, I am sorry for the delayed response on our end! I can assure you you will be receiving your RTD and shakers shortly, both shipments are in transit. Your RTD expected delivery is tomorrow, while the shakers expected delivery is Saturday. If you have any further questions please let me know!

Perfect thank you for the update! Excited to give this a go!

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