Scoop to cup ratio

Hey guys first time user here. My huel just came in I got the shaker and the scoop. Serving says one cup. How many scoops equals one cup?

Hi @AGaspard

To be exact, weighing Huel is always the most accurate way to know you’re getting a 500 calorie/127g serving. Our standard scoop is 70cc, which gives you about 36-40g, so generally approx. 3 scoops in 500-600mL of water is recommended.

If you’re trying to track exactly, an inexpensive food scale can help you get it exactly, but otherwise I would recommend 3/4 scoops in 500mL-600mL water.


fwiw, that’s “3 to 4 scoops per” not “three quarters of a scoop per”

Also, it might be a good idea to have someone put together a sticky post explaining to Americans how scoops and cups measure volume and not weight - because the grams and milliliters is not native - and 1:5 ratio is likely to be a 1 cup measure of Huel into 5 cups of water … i can’t estimate how many mL are in 5 C but 5 cups sounds like too much to drink for breakfast


500 mL is equal to just over 2 cups (2.11 to be exact).

So the ideal serving for us 'Mericans is:

3 to 4 “scoops” of Huel to just over 2 cups of cold water. They suggest adding ice I just mix with cold water.

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I keep wondering how much a “scoop” is because the one that came with my first shipment was under the second bag so I’ve been using regular kitchen measuring cups - a 1/4 cup packed is 40-45g. I pour some juice to the 100mL line, water up to 400, 3x the quarter cup measures and use an immersion blender to make something almost too thick to drink so i add another 100mL to thin enough to drink.

It is interesting that I’m using 3 of a 1/4 cup measure and it’s 120-130g despite that much on the bag as a serving is 1 cup. So the takeaway is that you need to be measuring by weight due to how much you can pack whatever you use to measure a “scoop” - with numbers like I’m using I’d expect someone with an actual 1 cup measure packed would be using ~180g of Huel for much more than the 500 calories they might have thought they were getting.

I know everyone is different, but I find around 200ml of water per scoop of Huel works out great.

So for me, a full meal is 3.3 scoops to about 600ml.

Shaken, not stirred.


@miked, it’s definitely better to use the scale. As I mentioned on another thread, depending on how packed down the bag is, I’ve found that 3 scoops (level) has come out to be as little as 100g and as much as 120g.

Thus, a cup is also going to vary widely, while measuring by weight will be exact every time.

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