What the Huel ?!

Full disclosure, I was part of the group of customers that received 2 bags of Salted Caramel Huel that was not good. Customer Service was quick to replace my order with 2 bags of Gluten Free Salted Caramel and a flavor boost pack of Salted Caramel. I’m thinking the flavor boost was for the first 2 bags that had an off putting flavor. However, we have never received an explanation from Huel about what was off about those bags. Mislabeled? Did we receive U/U Huel or ???
I discarded the bags before receiving the booster pack

Now I have a situation with the Huel Bars.
I purchased 2 boxes of the Variety Pack.
Taste is subjective, making the Variety Pack the perfect choice.
Some of the bars I liked well enough. Some were a no go. My personal favorite was the coffee caramel. Enough so that I ordered 2 boxes of just the coffee caramel.
This second order does not taste the same or have same consistency. They are very dry.
I’ve dunked the bars in hot coffee which isn’t heinous but defeats the purpose of On The Go Huel.
Anyone else having Huel bar inconsistency issues?

Hey! I have sent you a personal message to get more information on this. :relaxed:

The information in the coffee caramel box is:

US EXP 122621
Lot PS21116
11 20 4
Coffee Caramel

I didnt save the box of I variety pack.
Some were good, some ok, some were no go!
Having said that, we did finish them because the bars had all the nutrients we were looking for. Plus they were expensive so we were not throwing them away !!!

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