Received a bad batch - lot #94388

Hello everyone, I am an avid fan of huel and have been happily consuming 3-4 meals a day since last summer. However, my latest batch tastes really, really bad. I sent an email to 2 days ago but did not receive a response, not even an acknowledgment that my email was received. So, I am posting on here in the hopes that it catches someone’s attention.

Here is a copy of the email I sent to support–I am wondering if anyone else on here has had a similar experience:

Something is really wrong with this batch. The flavor tastes dusty, bitter and and slightly rancid, and there are gritty, grainy bits that feel “chewy” even when the huel is completely mixed in water. It tastes almost like stale cornflour, or cheese that’s gone off. I also feel a sensation of heartburn after drinking the huel from this batch, like it’s not settling right in my stomach.

I have been enjoying huel since last summer and I am very used to it by now, digestion-wise. Plus, I usually love the taste of it, so I know that I am not imagining that something is different. I have opened three bags from this order and they all have this bad taste. For reference, the lot # is 94388.

Since this latest batch of huel was delivered to my house, it has only been stored in a cool, dark, dry environment. It’s been stored in the pantry, which is where I have stored all of my previous bags.

I am not sure how to proceed from here. Is the huel from this batch safe to consume? Can the bags be returned and the order replaced? Or has the formula been changed recently?

I have been a huge fan of huel for many months, and I have nothing but love and support for the product. So, I wouldn’t make a complaint unless there was something seriously off.

Thank you for reading.

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Hi Mike :wave: My apologies for the slow response. I checked our emails and I only see your email from today. Out of curiosity, did you send the first email via the contact form? Just wondering how we could have missed it! :scream:

I am sorry that the powder you received does not taste as expected. Please be assured that we take the quality of our product seriously and will certainly look into this issue. Fortunately, we haven’t seen this as a trend so hopefully others don’t have a similar experience.

Not to worry, we will ship 16 replacement bags of unflavored & unsweetened powder right out to you. I will have a return label made and will send along as soon as it becomes available.

Teresa, thank you SO much for the prompt response, and for allowing me to replace my bags with a new batch. It honestly means so much to me, because (like many of us here, I am sure) my lifestyle has gradually morphed around huel over time, and I am now very much dependent on the convenience at this point. I was seriously dreading the prospect of preparing / cleaning up for breakfast and lunch every day again, especially between work, school and gym time. Seriously, thank you for allowing me to exchange my bags for a new batch and for already getting the order under way.

(FYI, one of the bags is almost empty at this point because I have been using it sparingly over the past few days. So, I will be sending back 15 bags instead of 16. However, I don’t mind paying for the missing bag in order for the return / exchange process to go through okay).

Also, yes, I did send the email both through the contact form on the website, and also directly to I am not sure what might have gone wrong, but I know huel gets a ton of business and I can imagine that everyone is probably just super busy all the time, so no worries. I am definitely happy that I’ll be receiving a new shipment soon.

Thank you!

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No worries at all! I have already issued a replacement at no cost to you. You should receive an email confirmation with your new order number and once it ships, you’ll receive the same tracking emails like your other orders. We’ll email you with your return label ASAP. Have a great weekend!