2nd bag of caramel coffee much different

I bought a bag of the Black Caramel Coffee flavor and loved it so much that I added 2 bags to my subscription, along with one Vanilla, and also tried Chocolate for the first time. I am so disappointed that the taste of the Caramel Coffee is so different. The first bag was so rich and flavorful that I shared it with friends. Did something happen? The bags that I received came right after the flavor was out of stock. I am trying to drink it but have to say that if this were my first experience with Huel I wouldn’t order it again. Can I send a bag back to get a refund or exchange?

I am loving the Huel Black chocolate and am looking forward to trying the peanut butter.

Hi there, I am so sorry about this and I just messaged you!

Hello Charlotte, is it something you could share it here for all of us?. Thax!

Hi there, yes of course. :slight_smile: In these scenarios, we ask for additional information to send along to our quality team!


Thank you again for sending the replacement bags! I want to let you know that I received them and it takes like my original bag, delicious.


After seeing this I can also say that my last batch of coffee caramel tasted pretty bland. I had three bags and am on my last one so if you want I can provide a batch number but I just never waste food so just mixed it with other flavors and moved on.

Hey Michael! Oh no, so sorry about that. I just messaged you!