What is the point of the new Daily Superblend?

I thought Huel already had everything I needed in it to be healthy? But Superblend has even more things? So that would mean that either Huel didn’t have everything I needed, or Superblend has extra things I don’t need.

Different macros as well. Some like to supplement with green powders and adaptogens, this just consolidates all of that into one. Just wish the superfood blend was a bit more transparent as to amounts.

Good question. Following this thread. I hope we get a reply more than those under the social media account:

"Daily Superblend provides more macronutrients and calories than Daily Greens. Daily Greens functions as a supplement, where Daily Superblend functions as a meal.

Daily Superblend brings together the whole nutrition you expect from Huel, as well as six nutrient-packed super blends that come together to provide 154 health benefits. It is a compact powder that contains all the essential macronutrients, vitamins and minerals alongside antioxidants, adaptogens and probiotics at only 250 calories per serving. This is compared to the typical 400-calorie Huel Essential, Huel Powder, Black Edition, and Instant Meals."

Green drinks are popular now so of course Huel is going to try to make money off of this current fad

Hello, @Taylor_Huston! Thanks for your patience while I looked into an answer for you!

The other Huel powders still contain all the essential vitamins and minerals you need from a meal, the Daily Superblend includes these as well, with the addition of nutrient blends that provide things like antioxidants and adaptogens that have added benefits. It doesn’t really fall into the binary of things you need or don’t need. Daily Superblend provides an option for those who are interested in having an extra boost of things like antioxidants and adaptogens in their diet. If you feel that you get that from other aspects of your diet, then perhaps the other powders like Black Edition powder and Huel Essential are more suitable for you.

There are also other aspects of Daily Superblend that might make it a better option for some people. For example, it is sweetened with monk fruit rather than stevia. It is less calorically dense, which might be a better fit for those who like to blend Huel into their smoothies or mix into their oats rather. It is also reduced in carbohydrates with a more moderate protein amount than the Black Edition powder, which might be better suited for some people’s macro goals.

The overall goal of Daily Superblend is that it allows us to expand the options we are able to provide for our Hueligans!

I hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions!

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