Daily Superblend - Where does the green go?

Hoping this falls under the realm of “no dumb questions” :wink:

I’ve been a fan/consumer of the Daily Greens, but now giving the new product a try for the convenience of getting a more complete meal in one go.

I’m using the vanilla Daily Superblend at present and the thought occurred to me that since it contains almost the same ingredients as the Daily Greens why isn’t it green?

In the past I’d often thought about mixing the Daily Greens into my Black Edition chocolate but thought the aesthetic look might make one cringe.

Hope you can shed some light on this.

I don’t know for sure, but I bet it’s because the Daily Superblend appears to be leaving out the chlorella and spirulina that is in the Daily Greens. I would assume that these two types of algae are where the majority of the green color comes from. Just a guess.

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You may be correct although there are still a number of green colored products in the antioxidant green blend.

Of course I could start down a rabbit hole of wondering about all the colors from the super fruit blend too. :wink:

But I am seriously curious.

Hi @therealmm! Thanks for this question and for your patience while I looked into the answer for you!

The main difference is that Daily Superblend is designed to be a small meal rather than a supplement, so there are additional ingredients and volume that the Daily Superblend has that the Daily Greens does not have. This means the greens blend is a smaller part of the overall mixture for the Daily Superblend, whereas for the Daily Greens it is exclusively providing the greens mixture. The green blend inclusion in Daily Superblend is still large, it just doesn’t outweigh the color of the rest of the Superblend mixture.

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I used to mix my own oatmeal and put chlorella and spirulina in it – even very small amounts would turn the whole meal dark green. They are seriously green. My guess is that they provide most of the green color to the DG.

I also make my own capsules with other supplements and often notice that the extracts and powders I buy are not the same green color as the fresh plant – for example my broccoli extract is brown. So I wouldn’t assume that when plants become powders (especially via steam extraction) they keep the same color. :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

Even though Daily Superblend is designed as a small meal, it does cover my daily supplements, right? I don’t need to take both Daily Superblend and Daily Greens?

Thanks for your patience with this! If you are consuming one serving of Daily Superblend per day, you can consume up to one serving of Daily Greens per day if you would like to! Because Daily Superblend is a small meal rather than a supplement like the Daily Greens, it does not supply an entire day’s worth of vitamins and minerals in one serving. On our Nutrition Information page for the Daily Superblend, it shows you all the vitamin and mineral values for one 250 calories serving, as well as what it supplies at 2000 calories. The Huel Daily Superblend Formula Explained

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