What is a good base line to start Huel

I am looking to lose 1 to 2 lbs a week and I exercise 4 times and week and run 3.0miles 1 day a week . Would it be ok to take a scope in am and luck then eat a dinner . ???
I am 51 ,. 5 10. 200 lbs . Any help on the what to take and a good dinner meal plan wound be great .
Excited to try the Huel. It is here today …

John T

My advice:

Start out slow on Huel
Don’t go 100% Huel or you’ll get burnt out
Aim to only lose one lb a week. Two lbs is too aggressive and probably not sustainable
Don’t expect to lose weight by running. I run a lot, and all it does it make me hungry. Hit the gym and push yourself lifting weights
Have a dinner with lots of fruits and veggies… and lots of different colors
Control your snacking and keep track of your calories
Cut out as much sugar out of your life as possible
Consider IF

Good luck

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So running is not good ?
So I am doing 2 cups am. 2 cups lunch and then a dinner … I workout after work and it’s called Lift 4. So drink water most the day . So besides fruit and greens for dinner what else

I’m a 50yo male and have been replacing 1 meal per day with Huel for 6-weeks. I’ve lost 10lbs and exercise a similar amount. I would suggest you not exceed more than once per day. Your digestive system may not like that much of it. I either replace breakfast or lunch, but never dinner. Good luck!

Hello Matt
Well I am doing 2 scoops for breakfast and 2 for Lunch.
, I see a scoop is 150 calories , I think ? I am taking the Huel Black bag .
Also I am eatting a regular dinner .
I work out 2 days then a day off then 2 days and the weekend off.
Also what do you drink or eat ?

Sounds reasonable, but that much would really mess me up. 2 scoops of 3.0 is 400cal, plus banana and milk would push to 550 or 600. I don’t want that many calories twice per day TBH. If I can do a 300cal meal, twice per day, then a normal dinner w fish, veg, some minor carbs (brown rice, etc) and some fruit, I’m in a good place. Lunch is a salad (approx 400cal). I try and stay away from red meat, and have also stopped the booze. For me, It’s a bit of everything.

Thank you and I add nothing else but water .
I will see how it goes and been a day so let’s see lol .
Also I still like meat and is that bad ?
Just need to stay on a health path

I generally have Huel for breakfast, Huel for lunch and then regular food for dinner. Regular food for me consists of plenty of vegetables, fruits, other complex carbs (like rye bread, brown rice), beans and reduced-fat dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt, ricotta etc). Will also eat meat and fish a couple of times a week. Few things I’ve found to be true:

  • think of this as a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Don’t rush the weight-loss. Instead just focus on making Huel part of your daily routine rather than obsessing over the scales every day. It’s the ongoing day-in, day-out consistency of behavior that ultimately will drive results.

  • Exercise is great (and offers huge health benefits) but losing weight is really - IMHO - 95% about diet. I think of exercise as a way to de-stress mentally rather than as a way to lose weight.

  • Some people disagree with this but I still believe (full disclosure, I’m not a nutritionist!) that calories in/calories out is what ultimately drives weight loss. So by sticking to two Huels a day and a “normal” dinner - assuming you’re not snacking in between - it’s actually quite hard to eat to calorific excess.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and remember if you fall off the wagon…just accept it and start again the next day. Good luck!

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Meat is not bad for you, unless you deem it gets in the way of your goal. For me, I was eating it too frequently, especially when I traveled for work. It was a convenience thing. Also, my family wont eat fish, so i got in the habit of accommodating them, more than doing what I needed to do. I simply had to find balance. I don’t think anything (within reason) is bad for you in moderation, but I found it difficult to moderate my alcohol consumption, so had to take it to zero instead. I find that by adding fruit and milk to my Huel, I’m not hungry. If I only add water, I start looking for food 90-minutes later. Everyone is different. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do, but rather what you could do. Try out a number of methods and pick which you like best.

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I have a similar story, was 250, now 160. For me, it was entirely based on calories in and calories out. Burn more than you put in and you will lose weight. The trouble I had was in making a life style change to eating habits so that I get all the necessaries in a small calorie package. Huel helped me get there. It’s easy to count and has all the goodies. I started with one shake for breakfast. Start slow with Huel. Getting a proper amount of fiber in your diet can take time for your body to adjust. Currently I have a shake for breakfast and lunch. For dinner I have either a huge portion of veggies and 4oz of chicken or fish, or I’ll have another shake. For my size and age (43, 160) I’m taking in 1200-1400 calories a day and slowly losing the last few pounds. I started Huel at 220. I was taking in 1800 calories a day and losing 2lbs a week or more. It gets slower and harder the closer you get to that healthy goal.

I made zero changes to my exercise, meaning I don’t exercise, but I do have a physically demanding job.

I’ve recently started a little bit of intermittent fasting and it’s helped get me past the night time snacking. I basically have breakfast at lunch, lunch at dinner, and dinner during the danger times when I’d usually just hit the fridge, cabinets, etc for any snack I could stuff in my face. At least this way I’m eating healthy when I’d normally be fighting the urge to get another snack and I’m not blowing out my calorie budget for the day.
I don’t know that it’s the right way to do it but it’s working for me.

Welcome to the club! Hope you have as much success as I’ve had!