What if... Hot and Savory breakfast flavors?

I really want to like the Hot and Savory line, but I just don’t. I’ve tried Tomato Basil and Sweet and Sour so far. It’s not that its inedible, just not really my cup o’ tea. But I do like the concept.

So have there been any discussions about some thing like Apple Cinnamon or Peaches n’ Cream (I guess I like Quaker instant oatmeal) for the Hot and Savory line?

I don’t know about you all, but I’d eat the heck out of that.

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I’ve seen mention of Huel cereal. What happened to that? I’d love it, as I have black coffee for breakfast, huel for lunch, and usually cereal (shredded wheat) with us almond milk for supper.

Yup yup. Huel used to make a granola, supposedly, I’d like to see return.

I’d like to see a h&s country scramblers and other breakfast flavors.

There are threads all over making suggestions for Huel-inspired eateries. An oatmeal/cereal is a great idea.

Be inspired! Be healthy! Be safe! Be Huel!


I like the idea of a breakfast H&S. I’m not much into oatmeal, though. I’d like to see a breakfast H&S that was like potatoes, beans, greens.

But I’ll add, I too was not in love with the Tomato Basil, didn’t care for the Sweet & Sour, and found the Green Curry to be just ok but with a kinda weird texture. Then I tried the Spicy Indian Curry and Yellow Curry and they are both great in my opinion. Unless you’re anti-curry, I’d give those a try before abandoning H&S entirely. They’re the only H&S flavors I currently buy after trying them all.

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I like where your mind is at @SteveO! We are always up to something :wink:

Yellow Curry is so mild it’s nearly oatmeal to me. I tried it with some cinnamon and Swerve, it was ok.

I would really be into a scrambled egg and sausage flavor for breakfast. I know it’s vegan but still, I’d dig that as a breakfast option.