Marketing Suggestion: A New Name for Hot & Savory

Hot and Savory is a fairly long name which does not flow easily off the tongue. Yes, the product is hot and savory, but I think a better name is possible. So how about Huel Gruel? Pretty good, don’t you think?

In fact, it is, technically speaking, a gruel. If you look up the definition of gruel, you will find that it refers to a thin porridge, with a grain base of some kind (e.g. oats, barley, millet), and some other things mixed in, most likely whatever is available.

May I have some more gruel?

Well we won’t be renaming it that😂

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Personally, I’d like to see some hot and not savory options-- something like the shake flavors, or the flavors that they make instant oatmeal packets in. The Hot and Savory flavors are too strong for breakfast, and when it’s cold I don’t want a cold shake for breakfast. I tried making the shake mix with hot water and it was not good.

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Interesting. I have not tried the instant with warm or hot water. What would be a good hot but not savory flavor that you could have for breakfast? Hot chocolate? Maple? Btw the yellow coconut curry, which I did not like much for lunch, turned out to be pretty darn good for breakfast (imo).

Huel Skrambles (for breakfast)

Huel Munches (you guessed it, for lunch)

Huel Pots (for dinner)

Oatmeal needs to be an option.
Country breakfast, too.
Mac n cheese. <----- with peas, bacon.
Pumpkin pie
Chocolate mousse
Supreme pizza, or sausage, or vegetarian.

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What about “heal” = huel + meal ?