What does "dispatched" mean?

Hi, put in an order yesterday. The site says something about my order having been “dispatched”? Does that mean it’s been shipped? If so, when can I expect a tracking label or shipping email?


same general meaning

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Got it, thanks @matt009!

Here is a link to a free online library for your future dictionary needs. :slight_smile:

Haha, thanks @OdetteBlack :joy:. I’m not sure if you were being sarcastic there and making fun of me, but in the case you were, my question wasn’t about the definition of dispatched as a word in the English language, it was about the context of the verb. If you weren’t being sarcastic, thank you (seriously) for the link, but I know what the word means.

In particular, I was not sure what dispatch was referring to. Did it mean FedEx got the package and there is a tracking number I can find? Does it mean they dispatched the order to an internal warehouse for sending it to FedEx? Does it mean that my order was dispatched to a sales person to process?

Hope that clears things up. If you were indeed being sarcastic, my response boils down to this: it turns out that understanding the English language requires more than just definitions, it requires the context of the words so you can apply the definition. That context was missing for a first-timer like me.


I’m pretty sure dispatched means they have printed the shipping label (and placed it on your package), and it’s up to FedEx now to get the package to you.

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Seems like that’s the consensus, yup! Thanks!