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We’re looking to write some fresh new articles for our website, but what’s the point in writing them if you don’t want to read them?!

  • Which articles do you enjoy on our Guides & Articles page?
  • What subjects would you like to see us write about?

We’d love to hear your suggestions! Doesn’t have to be specifically about Huel either.

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I’d love to see a product chain steps article – with video! – concerning “The Life of an Huel RTD Bottle” that would track the qualitative, and quantitative, development of the product, design of the bottle, manufacturing, testing, packing, advertising, and delivery!

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I want to know a hack to make homemade RTD Huel. Obviously blending Huel doesn’t come close.

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The powder – that I’ve never tried – is supposed to be more “viscously vivacious” but the RTD is more consumptively compelling. :amphora:

Wow that’s a big one! Love the idea though and something I know we would love to do.

Probably difficult to achieve as we’re using industrial equipment and slightly different ingredients to make sure it’s smooth.

Keep them coming guys!

Definitely the use of Huel in IF and the benefits. Recipes and new ways to create variety around daily use of Huel. And of course stories of people who’ve resolved health issues, or created a healthier lifestyle via Huel.

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Definitely the use of Huel in IF and the benefits.

Nice idea! We’ll look into this.


just want to +1 boles’s suggestion about the transparency of the supply chain mechanisms

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While a specific RTD version is a bit further in the future we are currently updating the “How Huel and the Huel Ingredients are Produced” article. We will let you know when this is live on the website.

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oh nice

I personally am more interested in the powder than the rtd, so this is great (rtds don’t have enough protein for my personal dietary preferences)