What do you guys eat when you don't eat/drink Huel?

Hiya party people :wave:t5::sunglasses: I’m still kind of new to using Huel and I’ve been taking it 2-3 times per day for around 3 months now for fat loss. I’m very interested to know what people are eating when they aren’t taking Huel and I wanted to know if anyone has some healthy Dinner options they’d be willing to suggest

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I’m down 50 lbs in a little over 5 months from using huel. I drink 800 calories of huel per day. I take a large salad to work every day without adding a whole bunch of extra stuff. I add some shredded chicken breast and then instead of dressing I add salsa and franks red hot sauce. I also eat a couple bags of frozen veggies per day usually with that sugar free bbq sauce that Walmart carries.

Salad w/dried cranberries, halved grapes, baby tomatoes, shredded carrots, whichever dressing I’m having a jones for.

Tilapia baked in fresh lemon juice, cracked pepper. Green beans, rice, fruit on side

Half a chicken breast, honey-mustard dip, mashed potatoes, sweet corn

Angelhair pasta, alfredo sauce, hot sauce, shrimp w/broccoli and applesauce side

I drink lots of water. That helps with hunger. Dinners can be lighter.
I’ll have 1 two to three scoop shake a day at breakfast and lunch.
Exercise days I’ll have an extra shake, 1 pre/1 post, with supplements (i.e.; added protein, creatine, amino acids).

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Hey Matt! How has everything been going?! Which Huel products are you currently enjoying throughout the day and what kinds of foods do you like to eat for dinner?

All of the dinner ideas/suggestions sound great! I tend to vary it from day to day but some general ideas of things I enjoy are pasta dishes with protein, veggies (my personal favs to include are broccoli and carrots) and a nice sauce so I can have it for a few days or a salad as it’s pretty quick with protein and grains included too!

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