Weight loss device in rats

The article is long and basically talks about a vagal nerve stimulator. Designed to trick the mind into feeling full so you stop eating. Well, fortunately, there’s a much easier way to get the same result. Let me help these guys with a quick and painless edit to their article:

“But University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists believe they may have come up with a way to stem the tide of obesity-related disease and illness and improve quality of life for hundreds of millions of people worldwide who suffer from weight problems. These scientists have [created what they say is a safe and easily implantable weight-loss device that in lab experiments]…”

Replace the wording in brackets with the following text: “eat Huel and eat more vegetables.”

That’s it. You can disregard the rest of the article. Mother nature already thought of this idea long before humans came up with this “ingenious” idea. It’s called fiber. It’s called eating whole foods that have a lower glycemic index so that it lasts longer in your gut. Not rocket science or brain surgery.


In addition, your phone, which is why you are shooting yourself in the foot by getting fat free or low-fat versions of products. Some people criticize HuelFor having saturated fat, but having a variety of fats is also necessary to keep you full. Plus, both fiber and fat, fiber especially, makes your food go more slowly into your bloodstream to prevent sugar spikes

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