Lost 16 Pounds Using Huel and Exercise

I have been using Huel for the last month as part of a dietary overall along with daily aerobic exercise of 30 minutes. This change was necessary as I crossed over from being a pre-diabetic to being a Type 2 Diabetic. I am sharing my approach that is working for me, a 50 year old male, working from home.

Dietary Overall:

  1. Huel 50/50 v3 and Black powder at 9am, Noon, and 3 PM - Fast and filling during the work day. I do not get much of a break during the day.
  2. Sensible dinner around 6:30 om following ADA Plate Method - no more than 25-40 grams of carbs. Usually a low GI fruit for desert and/or Keto friendly chocolate.
  3. Nothing to eat after dinner. An exception is if I am watching TV late at night, I will eat unsalted sunflower seeds and work to crack them.


  1. A must. I try to alternate days of getting a 30 minute brisk walk and stationary biking. You must exercise. Nike had it right by saying Just Do It. So true. As you start exercise your body and brain crave it. You can start to do more with your body. You get stronger, faster, and want to do more. Go slow if you have been sedentary for awhile. Slow and steady progress so you do not go backwards from getting pain by pushing yourself to fast. I alternate days of walking and biking so that different muscle groups are used every other day. This helps avoid repetitive use injuries.

I hope this helps. Huel has helped me eat right during the day. I am happy to say I am down 16 lbs in 5 weeks. Looking forward to my next set of lab work.

Good Luck on your journey and Just Do It.


Slam-dunk banger of a job, even for a 50 y.o. male…especially.

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Thanks so much for sharing this @DrData - this is awesome! We love hearing about what Hueligans have found works best for them. Please keep us posted on your journey! :slight_smile: