Ongoing data gathering on Huel

We have a simplified version up right now on 100% powdered diet utilizing Huel.

The graphs automatically update daily when new data is entered in, it isn’t everything we’re recording but it’s the most interesting to look at.

Not limited to: Blood pressure(am/pm), waist, bodyfat, weight, temperature (am/pm), CBC, Thyroid, CMP, cholesterol, A1C, Oxygen %, Huel consumption times, periodic blood glucose monitoring and more. Not everything is up yet as some we want to gather more data before posting.

We’re a small team and we’ll be making some cool Huel-Related stuff too very soon.

As always all feedback is appreciated - what more would you like to see? What do you think we can do better? We have a list together and knocking things down from previous feedback we received.

Thanks for reading!


Is the goal weight loss? Would be cool to see how you can use Huel for bulking and cutting cycles.

Our goal is to demonstrate how this product can be used to optimize your health and establish a foundation from which you can more easily manage impulsive and dietary decisions related to regular food. Or continue to incorporate Huel (or like product) along with improving dietary decisions.

And just to add in - we picked Huel again, since it has the best product we can find on the market.

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Am I correct in understanding that this experiment focuses on diet change alone, without combining it with physical activity? If so very cool to see the effects just from diet!


In just 30 days, I lost 27 pounds*, nearly 6 inches off my waist, and my resting heart rate dropped from around 100 to under 70. My blood pressure also reverted back to normal levels from stage 2 hypertension. I achieved all of this without any physical activity, simply by focusing on my diet. (*Approx. around 8-10lbs is from initial water weight loss)

We are working on a comprehensive program with the Huel product that includes a dietitian and trainer to provide instructional videos and available for virtual appointments. The program is designed to be simple and easy to follow, with a focus on helping users achieve their health goals. All completely free for the end user. (We’re hoping by the end of the year)


I had a similar experience when I started Huel years ago. Just swapped out my normal fast food lunch for a Huel shake and cut sodas completely. Within a few months I had dropped 30+ lbs and the majority of bloodwork levels were back within normal range. Didn’t help much with my blood pressure but that seems to be an issue that runs in the family.


WOW to the results and wow to the planned program offering.

I read the lowered resting heart rate and I went

My two cents, if you charge a nominal rate ($2/month, or whatever it takes to cover credit card fees), people will stick to a plan/program more.

But kudos to Huel for offering it free! I will be looking for that in 2024

Thank you for the response! To clear up any confusion, I am not part of, nor affiliated with Huel. I just am buying and using their awesome stuff.

I’m a regular guy campaigning with a volunteer team to make it easy as possible for anyone who wants to work on their health and take what they want or need from what we can offer.

This Huel project is also to show that your health is a direct result of dietary choices, changing those dietary choices can cause a very rapid reaction, correction from poor health choices, and it’s possible to achieve great results within a short amount of time without it having to be hard. (This is not advice, I’m not a doctor, I am just explaining my thoughts)

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two suggestions:

  1. Add a vitamin D3 test to your next blood work. It may not be covered by your insurance but its only an extra $15-$20. Even with Huel you may not be getting enough Vit D. If you are close to the recommended 30 points, but still under, then a simple 5000 IU weekly can get you over the recommended amount.
  2. There is a bunch of research showing how saturated fat intake can affect your LDL cholesterol levels. Bottom line it would be interesting to see if a switch from Huel Black to Regular could help you over time. I went Vegan 4 years ago and eliminated all dietary cholesterol but haven’t been able to get my LDL below 78. This doesn’t make sense until you analyze how much plant based saturated fat you consume through vegan alternatives like beyond meat and Coconut milk ice cream. I am starting to reduce the use of these products. Huel Black has more saturated fat than regular Huel so its something to consider.

Hi Justin, thank you for posting about your experience getting your health back using huel. I like reading stories like yours, it’s really encouraging to see people turn things around and you should be very proud of yourself for having the discipline to stick to it. I’ve been wanting to do a 30-60 day trial with an all meal replacement diet. I’m pretty close to it now anyway but on weekends I get sloppy and just eat whatever. The thing is I’m already at a healthy weight and I don’t have any super serious health issues, I use huel and soylent more to manage eating issues related to autism. Basically if it weren’t for these products I would eat nothing but convenience junk food. I did that for many years and most of my friends still do but as I’ve gotten older it’s affected me more so I knew I had to get serious about nutrition or I’d end up overweight and in pain like most people my age (40yr old female 5’3 110 lbs if that matters) It’s definitely helped my health but it’s helped me in so many other ways by freeing up head space and taking away decisions about food and I think it would be a huge help to people who eat junk because of mental reasons. Anyway my question is do you think there would be any interest if I kept track of things so people could see the benefits these products offer besides just health and blood work results?

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Seriously awesome to hear. Yes definitely there would be interest, not everyone will comment on what you have to share but people do read and what you’d share will find it’s way to help someone or give another idea with your included details. I’m always interested too. :grin:

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Thank you for responding Justin :pray:t4:. Maybe I will go ahead and do a 30 day trial. If you don’t mind sharing, what made you want to get serious about your health, and what made you choose a food like Huel to do that instead of meal planning with regular solid foods? Like was it just convenience or curiosity or are you just not someone who cares about food so you’d rather not be bothered with meal prep?

My co-worker tugged on my uniform I was wearing and told me I am getting fat. At first, when she first did that, I was pissed and mad that she said that to me. Before I said anything back I considered for a moment and said “Yeah, you’re right.” Doing it this way is by far, is the easiest, fastest, and healthiest way I have ever done it so far in all aspects vs regular food. I worked in a lab and did a 60-day trial run before and all health markers were phenomenal at the end of it. I ran 100’s of tests including coagulation factors and other random stuff that I wouldn’t expect to change. All results showed either a massive shift in improvement, or no shift at all.

Why I’m doing this and sharing the information though is to show the benefits of leaning on nutritionally complete foods and how they can be used for anyone to move towards a healthier lifestyle. I’m doing it longer term in the extreme way, so anyone who wants to make a decision can find somewhere in the middle that they’re happy with. Also why I’ve decided not to workout or participate in physical activity in the beginning, to show the massive shift in health that occurs from food change alone.

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