Websites confusion

This is just a comment about your website. I have been very confused about passwords until yesterday when I realized I had been visiting the US and the UK sites at different times. I was prompted to enter my password and it was rejected. When I tried to change it, it would work and next time be rejected. Another time the site denied all knowledge of my account or didn’t send a reset link at all to my email. I was wondering how to manage my subscription if I couldn’t even log into the forum that I’d clearly registered for.

I’m not a technical novice but I think it would be a good idea to publish a statement about the 2 countries’ websites and passwords for the subscription and the forum. Maybe this is somewhere and I missed it.

Hi @Eastwezt,

Are you having issues logging into the forum or website?

Huel USA Forum -
Huel UK Forum -

Huel USA Website -
Huel UK Website -

If you’re having issues accessing a specific region please click flag icon located at the top right-hand corner. This will allow to select between USA. UK and Germany.


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