Issue logging into account

I created my Huel account on the main website, and even received the confirmation email for it, and now it tells me I have invalid login credentials and no account under my email. I can not check on my orders or adjust anything because I can not log in. Any help? Thank you.

Hey Josh. I see that you’ve created an account. Can you go thru the steps of a forgotten password to see if that fixes it?

I have. That is not the problem. I have also tried remaking the account. It claims to send an email to confirm and doesn’t. This has been ongoing for a few days.

I’ll PM you now to get more details.

Still haven’t received the activation email. I’m guessing that’s the issue, that isn’t coming through.

It activated it’s all set now thank you!

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@Tyler_Huel I’m having the same problem with my account. Can you help please?

I’m getting in touch with our IT team to resolve this for you. So sorry for the inconvenience. If there’s anything urgent on your account that we can change for you, please let us know ASAP.

Teresa it’s for my account with as the email on file.

Ah, that makes more sense! Your account just hasn’t been completely set up yet. I’ve sent you an account invite email to that email address with the subject line, “You’re Almost There!” Follow the steps from the email to complete your account set-up and it should link to your subscription under the same email. :+1:

@Teresa_Huel Hello, I have exact same issue with my account. When I created an account I was bale to place an order and got a confirmation email to but now cant log in or retrieve the account using forgot password tool. Can some one from huel team look into this please.

Same deal, Andrey! Your email is used to place an order, but an account was not created by doing so. I’ve sent you an account invite email or you can register for one, here. Be sure to use that same email when registering. :slight_smile:

Hello, i also have this issue i had to create an account just now to be able to type a response on here. I have had a subscription on going and havent been able to cancel it and has been talin £51 a month of ke and i havent realised. Please help


Just messaged you to help you log into your account :relaxed: