Can't Log In to Main Website

Hello, I can’t seem to sign in to the website. I want to order something but it says my email address is wrong. Even when I click I forgot password it says my email is wrong. But I logged into my email and checked and I have received all my emails to the correct address, so I don’t know whats going on?

Same here. Wanted to upgrade to vanilla and the website won’t recognise my login. Guess it has something to do with that update. It’ll be a while before my next delivery so I’m not TOO fussed but it would be good to do while it’s still fresh in my mind…

Hi @Jake_Burnett @Charles_Foster

The Huel US website has been moved to

Are you still having website issues?


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Same problem here.
User since june 2016 and ordering with the same e-mailadres since than.
But i cannot log-in anymore.

Even says that the e-mailadres doesnt appear in the system…

Edit (12h later): i was logging into the wrong domain (US vs UK).
UK users go to:

Hi @Freakonaleash

My name is Sothan from Huel.

Are you a UK or US customer?

UK customers will need to access to manage their accounts.



That was the solution. My bad!

Side note, I’ve had this experience a few times where the site won’t even recognize my email as existing in the system, with the situation resolving during business hours without any apparent customer service intervention, so there may be more going on.

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