Huel By The Numbers

I like Huel powder, and I’ve been drinking it just about every day since December of 2018. I could rely on two 400kcal drinks a day, but could never see my drinking more than that because I like variety. Then the bars were introduced, so I would kill two of those a day as well, taking my Huel calorie intake up to about 1200kcal a day. Now, with H&S introduced, one could feasibly go 100% Huel products.

I wanted to see what that would cost, so I ran the numbers if anyone is interested. This is based on JUST Huel and nothing else. No add-ins, flavorings, or extras. Two shakes, two bars, and two H&S. In order to get these prices, you have to buy the highest quantity allowable of each item at one time:

2 H&S: $5.02 per day
2 Huel Black: $3.46 per day
2 Huel Bars: $3.04 per day
Total: $11.52 per day
$345.60 per month (30 days)
$4,204.80 per year


That would work for me IF I could limit myself to the quantities in your scenario. Needless to say, sometimes I want to eat (& drink) more than that. Not gonna lose fat if I overeat. Is anyone else struggling with a similar [eating] disorder?

Yeah this is based on a 2000kcal diet, which is low for many people.