V2 Bottles leak

The v2 bottles are actually worse than the v1 bottles. Does anyone else have both? The v2 bottles leak after about two weeks from all the unscrewing. I think the plastic is just too thin in the walls of the top portion.

Hey @MatthewC,
Do you think you could drop our team an email! We definitely don’t want your shaker to be leaking! Hit us up at support@huel.com! We want to help you out :blush:

I have been using 2 of the new bottles daily for a few months now (whenever they released them) and they are both still working just like new. No leaks at all.

I love the new bottles. Extra empty space for shaking, the shape, the cap… If I didn’t know better I’d say they were designed especially for Huel.

I’ve used my new Huel shaker bottle about 8 times for work. I shake the living life out of it and no leaks. Mine has held up well so far.