Uses for Huel RTD bottles

After drinking RTD Huel, I just can’t go back to bagged powder.
I find RTD tastes SO much better, and the constancy is creamy dreamy. I’ve tried blending powdered mix to excess, but it doesn’t seem even close to the same product.
The downfall is a bunch of plastic bottles heading into the ether every month.

Brainstorm some ideas for reusing them? Thanks!


It would be nice if they could do something like loop and you send back empties for reuse.


It’s a great idea but unfortunately there are few reasons why this is not feasible. Firstly, there are the transport emissions of returning the bottles. The bottles would then need to be cleaned and sterilised again which our manufacturing facilities are not set up for, this bit is key because food safety is really important.

The bottles are 100% recyclable and made of 25% recycled plastic and we are working on improving this.


I’m also interested in finding a re-use model for Huel RTD bottles. Has anyone found anything yet?
Brainstorming ideas:

The bottles are good-sturdy plastic and have a unique cylinder design… I feel like there’s a use out there that I’m not seeing!

Optional planter ideas:

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I love the Huel RTD bottles. They are very sturdy.

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:heart_eyes: I have a post for this! I love the planter idea!