Use for Strawberry Flavor Boost

Does anyone have a use for the Strawberry Flavor Boost other than to flavor your Huel? I ordered it with my first Huel order and I don’t love it. I’d rather drink the Vanilla Huel by itself rather than adding the strawberry nonsense. The flavor tastes very fake and I ended up having strawberry burps all morning. Wish I had ordered the caramel like my husband wanted. Now I have a bag full of Strawberry Flavor Boost that I’m not going to use AND a husband who gets to say “told you so”.

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try it mixed in yogurt. with fresh fruit like a banana…
try it when you make pancakes.
try it in scones or biscuits.
of course I’m talking about mixing some in the batter as they are being made…not sprinkled on them!
try it mixed in your ice cream.
try some in a fruit drink.
guess there’s some ways that you can use the strawberry powder out there. i can’t think of any more right now

Oh no! Sorry to hear this. Do you want to try a different flavor packet?

Not to add insult to injury, but he was right. The caramel flavor + Vanilla Huel is great. And then toss in some PB2 powder. Absolutely fantastic.

Haven’t tried it but I wonder how a vanilla RTD would taste with a caramel flavoring.

I think we’ll try the Caramel next time. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Caramel is LEGIT. It’s like drinking a Starbucks caramel anything. Anyone who hates the new vanilla should order a Caramel flavor pack, it’ll change your life!

Caramel is one of my favs. :raised_hands: