US versus UK Huel

Has anyone else noticed differences between the US and UK versions of Huel?

As an avid Huel user whilst living in Scotland, I was quite pleased when Huel announced its availability in the US. However, I noticed a difference in taste (US Huel is ‘lighter’ - a little less flavourful - yet ‘fresher’ tasting…). Additionally, US Huel’s consistency is a bit thinner initially but less likely to have clumps. Although there are some differences in the ingredients listed (e.g., the US Huel lacks calcium citrate, lutein and calcium chloride), I suspect it may be at least partially due to a difference in water. (I filter the Hoosier water.)

(That said, both Huel versions are far superior in taste and consistency compared to Jake and Soylent products. US Huel is merely a tad different than what I was accustomed to in the UK.)

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


US Hueler here. Following the directions exactly in the book and shaking well, I’ve never had more than 2 little clumps in my first week of drinking the regular Huel. Quickly shaken and it was thin and quick to drink. It definitely thickens after refrigeration for a few hours though. I also thought it was pretty sweet but never felt a bad artificial sweetener taste quite a few people have been claiming around the forum, it could just be me. Pretty positive experience so far, don’t think I would have it any different.


I have no experience with UK Huel, but I can confirm your suspicion there is a difference. Huel staff have indicated a couple places on the forum that the US version is not exactly the same. For example,

yeah its different, I had a bag of each at one point and compared. You have to add flavor systems to the US version as its less awesome. But the systems are not available yet :frowning: Still using Huel but would like the same taste I am familiar with.

We have flavors in the works, so stay tuned! :hugs:

Anyone knows the details on what’s different?
US v1.0 vs UK v2.2

Hi @Augusto_Lara - there are a number of differences between EU v2.2 and US v1.0, these include:

  1. Flavour system
  2. Sources of some vitamins
  3. Amounts of some vitamins and minerals
  4. Very slightly different ratios of main ingredients

Let me know if you have nay queries.

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US here. For flavoring, you can use the Sugar-Free Torani flavor syrups. I bought some but I enjoy the flavor of straight Huel, so haven’t had to use yet.


@Teresa_Huel - Great to hear. Does this mean you will be offering Flavour Boosts for US customers?

Yes, it does! They are still in process, but they are happening soon! Trust me, we’re just as excited to get our hands on some Huel flavors. :yum:


I’d like to know why the US version costs 50% more? I was ordering on the original site and couldn’t believe they didn’t ship to the US. I was then directed to the US site only the find the same subscription order was $60 instead of $40. Shouldn’t it be at least the same price if not less since it’s not being shipped internationally? Why is it so much more?

I think the lumps and the excessive sweetness are tied together. If it doesn’t mix properly, you get dry Huel which was protected by a coating of wet powder, and it sort of suddenly explodes in your mouth when you bite into it.

The UK price is in GPB (£) while the US site is in USD ($). Right now £40.50 is $54.12. By that standard UK Huel is ~$5 cheaper, but exchange rates vary so that diffference could be different tomorrow. Overall, they seem very close in price to me.


Thanks @JamesCollier

Love Huel, keep up the good work!