Upcoming Deliveries / New Shaker Mix-Up

I recently tried adding the new Huel shaker to my upcoming deliveries with the VIP code I was emailed. The VIP code didn’t work so now I am stuck with what I believe is 2 shakers on my way without the ability to cancel. When I say ‘I believe’ is solely based on the price of the upcoming orders as I cannot see what is contained in the upcoming deliveries. My suggestion is to put details of what is contained in the upcoming delivery section of the site and also the ability to cancel would be rather helpful.

I have contacted support about my problem but I thought I would post a suggestion as this has been a headache to work around and the additions to the upcoming delivery section would be appreciated.

Thank you.


I came here to report the same problem. I think I have at least 2 shakers in my cart, but the code didn’t work and I can’t seem to look at the actual items to be included!



Exact same thing here - it’s ridiculous that you can’t check to see what is actually in the order (except for the subscription items). If you are going to have the ability to add one-off items, there needs to be the ability to adjust quantities and add/remove items. I may end up just cancelling the entire subscription and creating a new one, but having a useable user interface would be a better solution.

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Similar thing. I got the code to apply, but I’m not able to edit any one time order items and not at first noticing the twin pack and single, I wanted to change, so I’m sitting with more than I want. I know I’ve gotten some other one time order items like the flavor boosts in the past and there was a way for me to review and change quantity or items entirely. But now they’re not showing in my order at all, just able to edit my subscribed items.

Further review, I can postpone the date of everything except the shakers. I have over a month before my renewal was going to happen, so usually I can work with and change my mind. But when I changed the June date to July for my consumables, an empty order box set for the original June date sits with the total reflecting that two shaker orders were placed, but doesn’t actually show the item in a list to work with and now my upcoming order box says that I cannot make changes at this time.

Perhaps the site is overwhelmed? My order is too far out to suggest it’s a timing issue.

@dhiebert7251 & @TheRoguishBard sorry that you are experiencing issues with our new shakers. I have dropped each one a personal message to get this issue sorted immediately. :pray:t3:

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