Common Huel.. Help me here

I did some kind of mess up in my subscription and wrote to Huel support to get it fixed. Still awaiting response. Why do I have to create a topic in the forum every time to get your attention?


I had a very similar issue. Added too many new shakers to my box because they do not display in the upcoming delivery, although the total price of the box increases accordingly. The support agent I corresponded with did not seem to understand the issue despite the screenshot I included. Eventually I got the agent to just delete all shakers from my box so I could start over. I believe I was able to add the 2x new shaker set priced at $13 and then apply the $13 discount code, but I still don’t see it listed in my box so I guess I’ll wait and see what shows up!

@raw_huel Sorry that we did not get back to you faster, however I do see here that our CX team member was able to assist you and resolve your issue :relaxed:

Joshua was awesome as usual and got, all the mess up I did, fixed in the morning itself and I also got the free Huel shaker too.
Thanks much!

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I had the same problem too. They do not have an option to manage anything but subscriptions and it was very frustrating watching the price of my delivery go up :stuck_out_tongue: customer care took care of me.

But still Huel customer reps and stuff. Fix the website :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the awesome information.