Shaker Missing from order

Sorry to clog up the message boards with this but that seems to be the best way to get answers. I placed an order Aug 23 and the shaker bottle I ordered was missing. I have contacted customer service and keep being told one is β€œon the way in 7-10 business days.” I was even given a tracking number in mid September that shows the package randomly stopped somewhere in Texas.
Sorry to be annoying about it but I am trying to go Huel 3x and day and I like to make it all at once and then bring it to work so I would really like the extra bottle.
Thank you,
Megan Woods

I’m sorry to hear you have not received your shaker yet. I will place an order for another shaker which you should receive within five days.

Thank you for your patience and let me know if I can help you with anything else

I recently replaced my Huel shaker with a 28oz BlenderBottle Pro. I think it does a much better job mixing the Huel with water - which is how I drink it. Something to consider anyway.

Thank you! I received it

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