Unflavored huel essentail please

Apologies if this is a repeat.
I am coming back to huel after a long time. I am very interested in this new Huel-essential powder which has a better balance of protiens and carbs in terms of RDA. (I understand that many people tend to want more protiens and some even argue that carbs are unnecessary; I tend to respectfully disagree). But I hate any sugars or sweetners whatsoever because I will make my own smoothie with huel as a nutrition boost. I just want to put my post here as a message to the Huel team that people like me exist, and we would want an unsweetened version of Huel essential. Soon please!

Thank you for the suggestion @veryankit :pray: while this isn’t currently in the product pipeline that’s not to say this couldn’t happen in the future, I’ll make sure to pass your suggestion across to our product development team!