U.S Purchase attempts are failing

I’m getting an error from Stripe piped to the frontend:

Requests made on behalf of a connected account must use card tokens from Stripe.js, but card details were directly

Uncaught ReferenceError: Stripe is not defined
at StripeProcessor.setup (purchase?cart_token=a_token&request_id=1504380829:1282)
at purchase?cart_token=a_token&request_id=1504380829:1585


Hi there,
So sorry for my delayed response. Were you ever able to process your card? Sometimes, a call to your bank is required to authorize the transaction. Let us know if you need any assistance here or at support@huel.com :+1:

I had that issue Monday as well. What I had to do is have my bank call the Fraud department and completely remove the restrictions from over seas purchases with the note specifically for Huel. It will show up on their system as a refused transaction, so they will have the information necessary to add the exception to your account.