Two Thumbs Up! (Huel First Impression)

I wanted to give my review/first impressions of Huel (vanilla flavor). I just received it today and its far exceeded my expectations.

The Good:

  • Flavor is great, but this is coming from a guy who eats a lot of bland food.
  • Shaker bottle worked well—no clumps, and it’s the perfect size for Huel.
  • I’m super full right now. Someone please roll me to bed.

The Bad:

  • The instructions are in milliliters but the bottle has measurement marks in ounces…really? Lmao. I live in the U.S. and I believe this is manufactured in Canada, so I can see how this could happen.
  • DO NOT DRINK IT TOO FAST, I have a stomach ache because I downed the whole thing pretty quickly.

A few other things I wanted to mention:

  • When I mixed my Huel, I followed the instructions… mostly. I filled the Huel bottle up about 3/4, added in 3 level scoops of Huel, shook it up well for 10 seconds, then I filled it the rest of the way with water and shook it again. The consistency was like watery oatmeal, which is so happen how I like my oatmeal.
  • I left the ice cube blocker in the bottle to help break up the product when I shook it.
  • I drank the product within 3 minutes of making it. I was very hungry. (Hunger really is the best spice)
  • I don’t recommend drinking this product too fast. It gave me a very brief, but annoying stomach ache for 10 minutes.

I plan on using Huel until it’s gone, if I’m still just as happy as I am now with it when I run out I will definitely buy more.

p.s. I’m dissapointed that the popular Facebook comment which says that ‘Huel’ is the sound you make when you drink it was not accurate. It tastes good and now I can’t joke about it honestly.

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Strange. Wonder why/when they made that change. My Huel shakers have always been graduated in mL (thankfully).

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I’m not honestly mad, the bottle’s nice, it was just annoying.