Free shirt/bottle?

I received my first order of huel the other day but it did not come with a bottle or shirt? Order: [232399]

Oh no! Sorry about that. Can you confirm your shirt size? You can PM if you’d rather not have that displayed publicly.

Hi, I wear an XL

Also, are the bags supposed to come with the scooper? I’ve been using the one that came with my Protein powder after feeling around the bag and not finding one.

Thanks so much!

I got my order and everything was fine but the shirt was xl and I ordered a 2xl

Hi @BigKahuna

Sorry to hear you’ve received the incorrect t-shirt size. Just put in an order for 2XL for you.

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Thanks a million. Yalls customer service is second to none. I’m more than happy with everything!


My order came with a shirt but no product or shaker with Fulfilled. Also has 3 USPS indicators for same shipment makes no sense.

Heyo–we replied to your email and thread in the other post! :slight_smile: